> Satin-Stitch Applique: Preparation


Satin stitch applique is just one of several methods of applying one piece of fabric to another. The idea behind satin stitch applique is that the stitches will completely cover the raw edges of the appliqued piece.

For this lesson you will need:

1--4 pieces of plain fabric for the base--big enough to leave lots of space around your applique shapes

2--scraps of fabrics to cut out for appliques

3--thread of a contrasting color

4--stabilizer of your choice: could be anything that will support the fabric underneath. Some possibilities are:

*commercial products such as Solvy, Stitch 'n Tear, etc.
*iron-on fusible interfacing (I've used this from time to time, works well but is permament)
*freezer paper ironed to the underside (I like this one)
*really, just any paper you have that you can sew thru, I've used: coffee filters, paper napkins, tracing paper, typing paper, newspaper, pages from phone books...the list goes on and on. For the samples here, I used the fine paper "linen" products available for free at the local fast food establishments.

OPTIONAL: fusible webbing to iron on your applique piece. I don't always use this--for the samples here, I used a glue stick. Another option is to baste the applique in place, by hand or machine, and satin stitch over that.

you can use your regular presser foot but you will get better results with an embroidery foot--it has a little groove underneath that allows the satin stitches to pass under without being smooshed flat.

your regular sewing machine; scissors or rotary cutter and mat; iron and ironing board or other ironing surface.