> Satin-Stitch Applique: Preparation



The satin stitch is nothing more than a very short zig-zag stitch. The idea is to start with the stitch longer than you want it, then shorten it gradually until you get the stitches to lie next to, but not on top of, each other. On every machine this adjustment will be a little different. For now, start with your machine on the zig-zag stitch, at its longest stitch length, and it's widest stitch width. If your machine has the feature that stops the needle in the down position, you might choose to set that. Shorten the stitch length gradually until the stitches leave no base fabric showing underneath. The stitch lengths on my machine are from 4 (longest) to 0 (shortest). Your's might have different numbers assigned, but the idea is to go from long to short.

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